When the eyes are misaligned, it is called as Strabismus. Both eyes will not be proper in alignment. This disease is responsible for in-coordination between the muscles causing for gap between the eyes.

Strabismus occurs equally in males and females.

Its Causes

The doctors sometimes may not understand the causes of the disease completely. Strabismus happens because of the failure of the eye muscle to work together. In most children the cause of strabismus is unknown.

Following conditions can also cause Strabismus –

Duane syndrome Thyroid eye disease

Nerve damage

Fracture of the orbital wall

There are also some risk factors for Strabismus includes the following:

Family history Prematurity of low birth weight

Conditions that affect vision – cataracts, corneal scars

Muscular abnormalities

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms for this disease can vary from one age group to other. It may be present all the time, or may come and go. The symptoms include:

In case of children and babies, strabismus should be checked right away to prevent Amblyopia (lazy eye) which results in loss of vision and depth perception due to the misaligned eye.

Double vision.

Uncoordinated eye vision.

Crossed eyes.

Favoring a head position.


Diagnosis of individuals with above mentioned sign and symptoms is necessary to confirm the continuation and coverage of Strabismus as well as the required treatment for the condition. Physical examination will include detail examination of the eyes which will be done to determine how much the eyes are out of the alignment. Eye test includes –

Visual acuity.

Cover/uncover test.

Retinal exam.

Brain and Nervous system (neurological) examination.


In case of small children, its treatment should get started on time to maintain proper visual function. The treatment will be varying from case to case.

Amblyopia or lazy eyes must be treated first. The first step of treating Strabismus in children is to start using glasses, if needed.

Adults with mild strabismus can use glasses and continue eye muscle exercises. Eye drops are effective to avoid blur image on temporary basis. To realign the eyes, surgery can be an option to give proper shape to muscles, which has been recommended by different doctors.


It is hard to prevent Strabismus. Though, complications may be prevented only if ailment is detected soon. If you analyze the effects and treat strabismus immediately then it may not occur again.


It has been identified that after surgery, the eyes may look straight but vision problem can remain.

In case of small children, they may still have reading problems and for adults driving may be more difficult. If a patient with Strabismus disease takes early diagnosis and treatment, the problem can usually be corrected and controlled. Never take this disease for granted because delayed treatment may lead to permanent vision loss in one eye. It should be monitored closely in case of small children as they may have this problem again.