Liquid Diarrhea

Liquid diarrhea normally occurs when the body fluid is not being absorbed from the bowel contents. It can also occur when excess fluid is secreted into the bowel. Liquid diarrhea can be classified into short term /acute liquid diarrhea or long-term chronic liquid diarrhea depending on the duration it takes to clear.

Short term liquid diarrhea

This kind of diarrhea is usually a sign of infection of the bowel or rather referred to as gastroenteritis. This takes only a few days to clear. In most cases it clears on its own. Short term liquid diarrhea can be caused by any of the following agents:

Infection: This mostly occurs in when the gut is infected by pathogens. These pathogens could be a virus e.g. rotavirus, a bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Shigella. These bacteria are known to cause food poisoning which results to liquid diarrhea all day. Some other parasites such as Giardia intestinaliscause giardiasis which contributes to diarrhea. Bacteria and viruses are normally ingested through foods or even water. Viruses can be spread easily through close contact.

Others: Some other causes of liquid diarrhea include excessive consumption of beer. When some drugs are taken, they can also result to diarrhea.

Disorder of the gut: when the gut has a disorder such as ulcerative colitis, it can easily result to diarrhea.

Long-term liquid diarrhea

This kind of diarrhea usually occurs for more than four weeks. Sometimes it can persist even for months. It is mostly caused by the following factors:

When the bowel is infected with cancer: This results to prolonged diarrhea and sometimes you might experience blood in your stool.

Chronic Pancreatitis: the pancreas is a small body organ that is meant to produce digestive juices as well as hormones. Chronic pancreatitis leads to the inflammation of the pancreas hence resulting to liquid diarrhea.

Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS): This syndrome disrupts the normal functioning of the bowel. When the bowel is not functioning well, it results tovery liquid diarrhea.

A recent research study has indicated that persistent liquid diarrhea may also result from gastrectomy. This is mostly done to provide treatment to cancer of the stomach.

How to stop liquid diarrhea

There are a number of remedies which can effectively clear diarrhea. In many cases, short term liquid diarrhea will clear on its own. If you do not know how to stop liquid diarrhea when it occurs, the here is a small hint.

You need to eat a BRAT diet. BRAT is an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. These should be included in your normal diet.

You may also consider using carob powder which is known for soothing intestines that are irritated. Carob powder is not very palatable and therefore should be mixed with honey or applesauce.

Most doctors recommend the use of probiotics. Probiotics are known for repopulating healthy bacteria into the digestive system.